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1484 world banknotes - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD
1484 banknotes from more than 70 countries, mostly UNC. These notes are either doubles from a collection or mandatory part of purchases but out of scope of the collection. Most notes are from the last...
500,00 €
Bank Indonesia Catalogue of the 1992/3 issued banknotes, 24 pages
Nice catalogue, printed by Bank Indonesia in 1994 about the 1992/93 issued banknotes and 1991/93 issued coins. Detailed description of the many (security) features. Condition: New
19,00 €
Handbook for Plantation and Trading companies in the Netherlands Indies 1918
"Handboek voor Cultuur- en Handelsondernemingen in Nederladsch Indië 1918" 1.830 pages listing all plantations and trading companies in the Netherlands Indies in 1917 together with the key data like revenues,...
85,00 €
Katalog Oeang Noesantara
The latest and most comprehensive catalogue available with detailed information, including price indications in IDR. It covers: Netherlands Indies Japanese occupation of NI Indonesia to date, including...
65,00 €
Katalog Uang Kertas Indonesia 1782 - 2010
Katalog Uang Kertas Indonesia 1782 - 2010 Indonesian Paper Money Catalogue
35,00 €
Money transportation suitcase early 1900's, used in Indonesia, manufactured by
Steel suitcase/trunk from Netherlands Indies,early 1900's, used for transport of valuables/money. Manufactured in Europe. Good condition, nice double lock system.
350,00 €
Netherlands Indies Money-box from the Postspaarbank 1920's
Spaarpot van de Postspaarbank in Nederlands-Indië 1920's. Money-box from the Postspaarbank in Netherlands Indies 1920's Closed, no key available. Beautiful example of the Dutch saving mentality during...
150,00 €
Netherlands Indies, Prinses Marijke club Soerabaja- money coupon with value '10'
Prinses Marijke club was a bar in Soerabaja regularly visited by military personnel in the second half of the 1940's. Single sided print, Quality EF
15,00 €
Promotional Note issued by Security Printers Thomas De la Rue
It is common practice for Security Printers to produce Promotional material in the form of notes, to show off their work. These Promotional sheets are larger than most (215 x 135mm). They are printed on...
50,00 €
Vintage 1963 Solid Silver Encased UK British One Pound Note in Pendant Break g..
"Break glass in case of emergency" Vintage 1963 Solid Silver Encased Emergency UK British 1 One Pound Note folded in Pendant or Charm F. Mansure Ltd, London. The complete banknote shown in the picture...
90,00 €